© Constance Guisset Studio



The garden of the musée Delacroix hosts a creation by Constance Guisset Studio, mixing design and the painter’s writings.

A high mast stands in the garden. A landmark attracting the eye, it invites the visitors to approach. At its top, a thread links the piece to the painter's workshop. At its foot, there is a shimmering seat, like an oasis. A place to sit, watch and listen. The seat itself is a large mirror. Pinted on it, watercolor swirls mingle with the reflection of the clouds. The colors mix and diffuse subtly, echoing the writings of Delacroix.

Comfortably seated, the visitor is surrounded by the painter's texts, broadcasted by speakers. He is invited to give himself up to listening and contemplation.

This installation was realized with the support of Tectona.