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Francis is a table collection completing the line of the same name. The mirror now aligns itself with the horizon to turn into a table: it becomes an abyss or a mysterious pond, where the eye and the spirit rush. The colorful watercolors are a call to dive into a world of fantasy, a haven of magic.

Wallpaper* Design Award 2020, Best Paint Job.

Colors : blue-violet watercolor and black frame, blue-yellow watercolor and white frame
Materials : mirror, aluminium, epoxy paint
Extra-large mirror coffee table : W.110 cm x H.24 cm
Large mirror coffee table : L.75 cm x H.36 cm
High mirror table : W.40 cm x H.45 cm

Extra-large mirror coffee table : 45 kg
Large mirror coffee table : 19 kg
High mirror table : 8 kg
Made in France