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Ginori 1735 

Ether is a vaporous and mysterious decor floating on the collection of Aria plates made by Richard Ginori. A breath caught in a play of light and shadow. A culinary scenography where the creativity of a chef can be expressed.

Material : ceramics
Colors : black and white

Bowl: 17 x 5,31cm / 616g
Gourmet plate: 16 x 1,67cm / 221g
Medium deep plate: 24 x 1,35cm / 531g
Large flat plate: 27 x 21,5cm / 781g
Gourmet plate: 31 x1,66cm / 1055g
Medium deep plate: 25 x 3,68cm / 610g
Large deep plate: 29 x 5,5cm / 845g