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Petite Friture 

Francis is a circular mirror born from chromatic experiences with pigments on water. Make-up palette or ageing signs? The user contemplates himself through the luminous oxydation that reminds a planet in an illusion of convexity.

Wallpaper* Design Award 2012, Best Use of Color.

Small mirror : blue or pink watercolor, black frame
Large mirror : blue or pink watercolor, black frame
Extra-large mirror : blue-violet watercolor and black frame, blue-yellow watercolor and white frame
Materials : mirror, aluminium, epoxy paint

Small mirror : Ø45 cm x H.5 cm
Large mirror : Ø60 cm x H.5 cm
Extra-large mirror : Ø110 cm x H.5,5 cm
Small mirror : 3,5 kg
Large mirror : 7 kg
Extra-large mirror : 23 kg
Made in France