© Vincent Leroux, Constance Guisset Studio


La Samaritaine 

Ernest is a bakery-restaurant located at Samaritaine in Paris.

The ground floor hosts a space dedicated to the bakery. As soon as the door is crossed, from the street or from the store, visitors are transported into a warm atmosphere. They are surrounded by softened walls, with warm and bright colors. Circulations have been designed to offer the user a clear and pleasant space. Iridescent free forms punctuate the place, serving as signage.

At nightfall, the bakery becomes a bar which continues to welcome visitors in a joyful and surprising atmosphere.

Defining element of the space, the staircase underlines the verticality of the place and invites to ascend and to discover. Interlacing walls draw a blue opening in the middle of this solar universe, making you want to explore. Large mobiles in abstract shapes float in the gap and draw people upstairs.

Once you have climbed the stairs, you reach the restaurant. From the threshold, you dive into an aquatic universe in shades of blue, horizon of sky and sea. The place has been designed to combine surprise and hospitality. We meet surrealists features, shimmering feathers or even iridescent mirrors, while surrendering to the comfort of the spaces and seats.

The restaurant is built in such a way as to allow the visitor to enjoy the perspective of the place while delimiting protected areas. This is made possible in particular thanks to interplay of transparency. Colored glass makes it possible to maintain a panoramic vision while guaranteeing an impression of intimacy and pleasant acoustics.

Photographs Vincent Leroux, artistic direction Constance Guisset Studio.