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Panneau acoustique

Leaves is a modular collection of acoustic wall panels. They are designed in 3 sizes, in order to fit all spaces, from a compact meeting room to a vast open space. They can be used alone or together, horizontally or vertically, and can be combined in an infinite variety of compositions. Their shapes, between geometry and smoothness, allow for refined as well as creative combinations. It adds a bit of playfulness in the workplace. The

collection also invites to play with colors and textures, by creating soft camaieus for instance.
2 models of shelves complete the collection. They are specially designed to fit with the panels, to add additional function and to take advantage of walls.

Core of MDF, filling of stone wool, edges in polyether and externally
covered with fabric.
Fitted with suspension strip, which is 19 mm (0.7”) from the wall.

Leaves One: 540 ×1340 mm (21.3” x 52.8”)
Leaves Two: 900 × 900 mm (35.4” x 35.4”)
Leaves Three: 540 × 540 mm (21.3” x 21.3”)

Thickness: 60 mm (2.4”)

Shelf 50 200 x 500 mm (7.9” x 19.7”)
Shelf 70 200 x 700 mm (7.9” x 27.6”)

Thickness: 26 mm (1”)