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Constance Guisset Studio 

Auguste 1 and Auguste 2 are two exceptional pieces from an exclusive limited serie. They have been designed for Genius Loci exhibition, in situ, as a tribute to Auguste Perret, and reflecting his apartment.

Auguste 1 is a wall-lamp made to be hung on to a pole, in order to make vibrate the big white dome of the living room with its volute of light. The lamp offers the contemplation of an imaginary sky, varying from warm to cold, from the sun to the moon.

Auguste 2 is a declination as a floor lamp. Standing by the bed, it becomes a figure quietly watching, illuminating thanks to its round face.

Both lamps are the result of a search for balance, between softness of the curves and sharp edges.

Textures also complete each others, the massive walnut wood warms the satin glass up.
The mysterious pearled aspect is also a wink of an eye to the lamps made of pearls conceived by Perret for his apartment.

Walnut wood, glass and aluminium plate, tunable white LED, deported control box, switch to program the light

Applique : 127 x 42 x 40cm
Lampe à poser : 112 x 42 x 57cm