©Jessica Lia Studio, Clément Barzucchetti


Modular seat
La Cividina 

Waves is a modular seat system that creates infinite landscapes : islands of comfort in various topographies or abstract compositions. Soft and smooth, the various shapes and lines evoke organic movement. The different modules seems to float peacefully next to one another, connected by a magnetic system.

Upholstered in blue shades, it evokes the various heights of waves wandering onto the beach. Shades of grey transform it into rocky hills while green versions transform it in verdant hills. Their soft shapes invite to seat comfortably and the lines of their profile underline their silhouette, like a couture detail or kohl delicately highlighting the eye.

Colors : available in all fabrics of the La Cividina collection
Materials : wood, foam, fabric
Diamond ottoman : L.105 cm x W.53 cm x H.44 cm
Diamond ottoman with backrest : L.105 cm x W.53 cm x H.52 cm
Parallel ottoman : L.192 cm x W.58 cm x H.41 cm

Parallel ottoman with backrest : L.192 cm x W.58 cm x H.58 cm
Trapezium ottoman : L.193 cm x W.58 cm x H.38 cm
Trapezium ottoman with backrest : L.193 cm x W.58 cm x H.50 cm
Leaf dormeuse : L.135 cm x W.86 cm x H.68 cm
Hexagon ottoman : L.185 cm x W.108 cm x H.34 cm