© Constance Guisset Studio

Lee Ufan Fondation Arles

Interior architecture
Lee Ufan Arles 

The Hotel Vernon in Arles accomodates the foundation of the Corean artist Lee Ufan.

The designer Constance Guisset conceived the reception, the cloakroom and the shop. Those spaces open to the public have been designed as a link between the precious historical building and the pieces of the artist. Made with refined shapes and materials, the layouts emphasize gently the characteristics of the architecture, such as the vaults on the ground floor. Inox and wood balance, reflect and warm up the minerality of the place. Textile elements made of neutral and soft tones melt subtly in the space. The elegant sobriety encourages the tranquility and leads the visitor to the discovery of this unique piece.

Project management assistant: Tilia projet
Manufacturing: Menuiserie Corrèze
Lighting design: Aura Studio