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La Mécanique des dessous

Exhibition design
Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris 

La Mécanique des dessous is an exhibition dedicated to the many tricks deployed from the 14th century till today to amplify or constraint male and female silhouettes. Crinolines, panniers, corsets, puff sleeves, codpieces... All these pieces of underwear that modify the body are displayed on velvet dummies following a historical tour, subtly revaled in a soft darkness. Ingenious mechanisms and structuring wadding are put into light through a series of reconstructions arranged on white mannequins.

In the middle course, a dressing room offers a try-on experience with colored costumes realized according to original studies.

At each step of the exhibition, the visitor can rest on crinoline stools while watching historical iconography and contemporary movies devoted to these exceptional pieces of clothing.

Curator : Denis Bruna

Graphic designer : Agnès Dahan Studio
Mechanical contributor : Dominique Corbin