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Joie de vivre

Exhibition design
Palais des Beaux-Arts, Lille 

Joie de vivre is a scenography offering to experiment with different forms of joy, by evolving in colorful and bright spaces.

The rooms with soft angles provide panoptic views, while enveloping the visitor in shades of a dedicated color. In the center, colorful poufs allow to contemplate the works of art. Thresholds enable the visitor to discover different atmospheres at a glance and to orientate himself or herself. At intersections, an arbor recalls leisure and simple happiness. The titles in neon light evoke parties and bring their energizing light to the space.

Curators : Bruno Girveau, Laetitia Barragué, Régis Cotentin, Florence Raymond
Graphic designer : Agnès Dahan Studio
Light designers : Julia Kravtsova, Vyara Stefanova