© Jessica Lia Studio Clément Barzucchetti

Van Cleefs & Arpels

Interior architecture

The invitation from Van Cleef & Arpels to design living spaces within their Parisian offices was an opportunity to jointly imagine an architecture and its content.

From the entrance to the workspaces, the visitor’s path has been designed as a succession of perspectives and striking moments.
Crossing a flourishing courtyard, highlighted by the landscaper Arnaud Maurières, projects the imagination into a blooming jungle, out of sight.
From the entrance, on the threshold of a bright reception point, the eye is drawn to the perspective of a contracted space, then released under the glare of the glass roof.
The library is a vertical and magical space carved out of darkness, where scintillating shapes are suspended. Dedicated to the poetry of time, curiosity and surprises, this free access place invites users to recharge their batteries in the oases of the day.
The content of the bookshelves is the result of a joint work with artists. There are the algebraic jewels of Laurent Derobert and multiple books selected by Jean-Marc Ferrari. Here and there are installed protean pieces, a work carried out in collaboration with the artist Marc Couturier.
Under the light of the glass roof are the collective workspaces, adapted to a multiplicity of uses: collective spaces for lunch break, creative time or informal meetings, meeting-rooms adapted to the needs of confidentiality or openness.
A monumental staircase serves as a base for a delicate mural by Marc Couturier, evoking perpetual movement.
All these spaces are intended for all the teams at Van Cleef & Arpels’. As living spaces, they call to be enriched with everybody’s spirits and curiosities.