Trois conversations

Palais de Tokyo 

Trois conversations, three stops in the flux of visitors, three installations offering journeys or spaces for daydreaming. To chat, to watch together or even to kiss.

Above the comfortable surfaces, masts are erected supporting a plaiting of straps and carbon circles. Visitors can manipulate them in order to change their geometries.

Shades slide vertically to metamorphose into a semi-graphic transparency and according to a color scheme that dresses joyfully the mineral spaces of the Palais de Tokyo. Each island is movable and can can roll from a space to another, accompanying the programming of the museum and serving as a meeting place where everything is possible.

Imagined and realized for the Palais de Tokyo at the request of Jean de Loisy - with the support of the Audi Talents Awards.

Donation to the Centre National des Arts Plastiques in 2019.