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Palazzo Reale 

Scylla is an immersive installation, conceived for the group show De Coding, at Palazzo Reale in Milan, at the invitation of Alcantara.

Scylla proposes to decode the artworks on the walls of the room. The installation extends the imagination and the sensations: the details of the paintings and tapestries come alive to invade the room and the visitor’s mind. Colossal shapes, between tentacles and fins, rise and gather around a mirror sphere reflecting the whole room. Colors and textures evoke a mysterious chimera incarning the stream of toughts.
By wandering in the room or lying on the appendices, the visitor physically experience an interpretation of the mythological universe of the artworks of the Palazzo Reale.

Installation imagined for the group show De Coding - Alcantara in the Tapestry Rooms, at Palazzo Reale in Milan.

Curators : Domitilla Dardi and Angela Rui.