© Vincent Leroux, Constance Guisset Studio

Objectif Villa !

Villa Noailles 

Destination Villa!

Immediate take-off

Embark on an expedition in search of an unknown world aboard of the Guisset Space Station: travel at light speed, landing on planet Villa, exploration of a fantasized universe.

Designed as a tribute to Marie-Laure de Noailles’s passion for astronomy and inspired by the contemporary exploration of Mars, this solo show invites to the sidereal discovery of objects in metamorphosis.

The installation unfolds in five locations, depicting a travel in a mental space, from the landing on an unknown planet to its fictitious scientific rendition.
We travel in the "squash" as in a spaceship crossing a sea of meteorites, with an enigmatic dashboard of small objects diverted from their function.
The "sautoir" becomes a working cabin, a creative interstice evoking the daily life of the designer.
On the "terrace", a decompression chamber allows to contemplate a turning sun overhanging the flag.
The "gymnasium" is a journey through the explorer's thought, restoring snippets of a mental universe inspired by nature and the landscape.
Finally, the "swimming pool" offers the possibility of exploring an oasis of finished objects in a colorful landscape setting, between anamorphosis and an interstellar western.

From June 25 to September 5 at Villa Noailles in Hyères.

Photographs Vincent Leroux, artistic direction Constance Guisset Studio.