Constance Guisset Studio

Château de Courcelles, Montigny-Lès-Metz 

Constance Guisset Studio exhibition offers a complete journey through the work of the studio, between design, scenography and interior architecture.

The visitor is immediately welcomed by a large wood installation displayed in the stairs, showing him the way. Upstairs, he is guided by the objects, scattered through the rooms of the Château de Courcelles. They perfectly find their place in this majestic setting, among the woodwork, moldings and oak floors.

The exhibition is a rare opportunity to see these creations live together and resonate. In this setting, the objects echo each other and reveal recurring themes, explored in dedicated rooms. In one room, a color experimentation is displayed from floor to ceiling and a watercolor invades the wall. In another room, an installation of tables and stools becomes an ode to the round shape.

All aspects of the work of the studio are embraced, from scenography to interior design and films. A room is dedicated to the creative process: a collection of models is surrounded by sketches and inspirational pictures on the walls.

The exhibition took place from May 14th to July 3rd 2016, at the Château de Courcelles in Montigny-lès-Metz (France).